Meet The Team

Brandt Lemke.jpg

Brandt Lemke

Founder/ Owner

Brandt loves to work with his hands and has spent most of his adult life in the manufacturing industry. From technical school to a five-year apprenticeship to become a journeyman tool and die maker, Brandt has developed a passion for problem-solving and working with metals. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family and working on personal projects, hiking, camping, fishing, biking, and numerous outdoor activities.

Taylor Zorn.jpg

Taylor Zorn

Founder/ Owner

Taylor is an inventor and a visionary. He sees life as an opportunity to create. Fueled by his passion and empowered by his education and experience, Taylor used his background in the entertainment industry, small business, and his master's in business administration to create Timber Ridge Decor. When he is not working on projects, Taylor spends as much time as possible enjoying the great outdoors.

Aaron Wolf.jpg

Aaron Wolf

Production Manager

Aaron is a hard worker and used to working with his hands. His adaptive nature allows him to apply himself in almost any situation. With experience in construction, Aaron is no stranger to problem-solving and quality workmanship. Aaron loves the outdoors and exploring the world. Additionally, in his spare time, Aaron works on game design as a hobby.

Jessa Lemke.jpg

Jessa Lemke

Operations Specialist

Jessa is a swiss army knife employee. Her education and background as an administrative assistant equip her to handle the details of Efficiency and keep operations flowing smoothly. She handles everything from answering phone calls to running the shop floor at times. Jessa also loves the outdoors and actively hikes parts of the Ice Age Trail in Wisconsin in her downtime.