Interested in getting some custom work done? Here is how our process works and what we will need from you.

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We will need the desired overall dimensions of your custom project. Dimensions can be rough as we often verify dimensions with the design.

If you are unsure about the length or the width, just provide one of them and we will calculate the other based on the design.


Whether you have an image you want to be made into a design, or you have a ready-to-cut DXF, we can work with just about any file type you can bring to us. Providing DXF files speeds up the process, but we have designers who are ready and able to design and trace any design.


Most often we cut from 14 gauge steel, but depending on your project, we can cut from other materials! If you're looking for something in stainless steel or maybe thicker or thinner steel, we can do that too. Just let us know and we'd be happy to accommodate your needs!



We offer a variety of finishing options such as raw steel, clear coated raw steel, powder coating, and more.

  1. No Finish, Just Raw Steel - this option is great if you want it to rust outdoors or if you wish to finish it yourself.

  2. Industrial Look, Clear-coated - this option maintains the industrial look of raw steel look but is protected from corrosion.

  3. Brushed Steel, Clear-coated - this option leaves a shiny patterned finish.

  4. Painted Black - this option creates a black finish that protects the material from corrosion.

  5. Powder-coated Black - this option is great for applications that may need durability. Our black powder coating is baked on and holds up to weather and abrasion.

  6. Powder-coated Clear- this option is great for applications that may need durability. Our Clear powder coating is baked on and holds up to weather and abrasion leaving the material looking raw and industrial.


Mounting options include holes cut into the sign, magnets, custom brackets, and more.

  1. No Mounting - We will provide just the project to you and you will be responsible for finding how to mount the project.

  2. Holes cut in sign - We will either place holes in appropriate positions or by customer specification. Hole size can be chosen but by default will be 1/4"

  3. Flush Magnetic Mounting - These mounting magnets will hold the project almost completely flush to the wall with only a 1\4" gap. They are invisible from the front. They are extremely strong, easy to mount and allow for easy removal of the sign for cleaning.

  4. Standoff Magnetic Mounting - Like the flush magnets, these magnets allow for easy removal, strong hold, but are 1" in length which allows the project to stand off the wall for a 3D look or for use with LED back lighting (which we also provide).

  5. Stainless Standoff Mounting - Our stainless steel standoffs create a unique look as you can see them from the front. They are screwed into the wall, then the project is mounted to the standoffs and held on by caps that are visible from the front of the sign. They create a very sleek look.

  6. Custom Bracket - We also make custom brackets for all types of use cases. Some of our projects are so large, they need heavy-duty brackets. Additionally, we can make brackets that mount projects to just about anything.


We offer all types of additional options like LED back lighting, additional finishing options on request, wood backdrops, and much more.