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We want to change the game! Here is our story:

Finding affordable decor just the way you want it can be difficult. If you find a place that will customize your pieces, it can take weeks, months, and sometimes even years. Because of this, we decided to change the game offering complete customization for every one of our products while maintaining affordability and fast production. How do we achieve this you may ask?

We have spent a lot of time building an infrastructure around the idea of quality customized products. We stock all the materials in house as well as do all of our own machining. Great care is given to maintaining proper stock levels so our products can be shipped quickly after an order is placed.

We only source materials like steel from trusted suppliers that we have built relationships with. Additionally, strategic sourcing avenues for wood have been established to provide quality controlled locally sourced product.

Quality craftsmanship is our number one priority and we want that to be seen in each one of our products. We want you to be as proud to own one of our pieces as we are to make it.

Timber Ridge Decor is located in Wisconsin and is partnered with Efficiency Manufacturing.

Timber Ridge Decor is owned and operated by an excellent team (find out more on the "our team" page) who have backgrounds in CNC machining, woodworking, business, and more!

Our Team has put their skills to work together and strategically partnered with other talented individuals and organizations to build a strong quality supply chain.