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Character in every piece!

Welcome to Timber Ridge Decor. We've redefined custom decor and are ready to make your vision come to life!

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Our primary goal at Timber Ridge is to provide the highest quality home decor, excellent customer service, the industry's fastest delivery times and unmatched customization, all at the lowest prices around!

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Why Choose Timber Ridge Decor?

1. Unrivaled Customization

Timber Ridge Decor employs a different business model than many others and thus offers unrivaled customization. We are dedicated to perfecting your custom project. Our special model also allows us to offer this unrivaled level of customization while continuing to offer fast shipping and small handling times.

Want customization options that are not available yet? Send us a message and we would be happy chat with you about it.

2. Unbeatable Prices

You can be sure you have the best deal here and if you find a similar product and similar size on any other site for less, we will price match to ensure you get the best price anywhere! Guaranteed! See link below for further information.

3. Superior Materials and Quality Control

Not only does Timber Ridge Decor make its products out of heavier gauge, stronger metals than the competition, we cut and mill all of our own wood here locally in Wisconsin. This ensures quality control and gives each piece special character.

4. Customer Service

At Timber Ridge Decor, you get far more than a product. You get a team of people who are eager to ensure you are happy with your products! We are here for you!

5. Satisfaction Guarantee!

We Guarantee you will like your decor and if you don't, send it back! Our satisfaction guarantee allows you to order a product and see how you like it. If you are unhappy with it for any reason, send it back within 14 days of it arriving at your door and we will give you a refund!

6. Fast Service

We have built an infrastructure that achieves the best of four worlds. We can offer large amounts of customization while maintaining the utmost quality at an affordable price. We are then able to quickly get the customized products to your door! We ship products within 7 business days of an order. This mitigates ever dreaded delays.

7. Fully Scalable

Whether you are an individual purchasing for your home, or you are a company looking to begin selling our products, we offer scalable adjusted pricing. The more you buy, the more you save. While we offer discounts for buying multiple items, a custom quote for a large order will be a much more beneficial way to save money. We offer lots of bulk discounts so if you are looking to outfit your home or begin ordering our products in bulk, send us a message and we will get you information within 1 business day.

8. Great Communication

If you have questions, are looking for additional customization, have problems with your order, we are here for you and we are very responsive!


"Their products are absolutely breathtaking! I ordered a gift for my husband and I was blown away by their customer service. They were quick to respond, listened to my ideas, and had great communication through the whole process. Their attention to details and quality work is clearly evident their finished products!"

- Grace K.


"I have had two projects done with this company and their work is fantastic! The company is easy to work with and they clearly take pride in their work. Highly recommend!"

- Jessa L.